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Once again summer is drawing to a close and students are returning to school, but that doesn’t mean things are entirely back to normal. Getting ready for a return to in-person classes can be a real struggle for students who have been away from their desks for so long. Luckily, your local library is here to help! We have a number of resources available for students from Preschool to Grad School, and every stop along the way!

Studying is an essential skill for every student, but it doesn’t always come naturally. For those struggling with study skills, we have “Essential Study Skills” by Linda Wong (371.3 WON). “Essential Study Skills” will be especially helpful to college students of all ages.

For those in high school looking towards higher education, see “Cracking the new SAT” by Adam Robinson (378.168 SAT) or “SAT: Total Prep 2019” (378.166 SAT). For those already applying for colleges, check out our “College Box.” The College Box has a Chromebook, internet hotspot, books, and office supplies; everything you’ll need to apply to the college of your dreams.

Doing research for a paper or simply looking for something new? Try our EBSCO Databases. EBSCO has articles on subjects ranging from American History to sociology. Check our website under the “Digital Library” heading to find out more!

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