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Blocked Accounts

The Buchanan County Public Library ILS blocks patron accounts when fines reach $10.00.  Patrons may use the library wireless, read materials inside the library, use photocopy and fax services, and attend programs or events; however charged items will not renew, no new check outs are allowed, and the patron is prohibited from using library internet stations.  If the patron is unable to pay the amount owed in full, the patron may establish a payment plan.  A payment plan gives patrons an opportunity to put their account back in good standing when circumstances such as illness, car trouble, bad weather, or the cost of a damaged item creates fines and fees beyond their ability to pay at one time.  A payment plan will only be established at the discretion of the Director in the following circumstances:

  1. All items outstanding are returned in good condition or charged items are deleted and the cost added to the payment plan total.
  2. 1st payment of 20% of the total is made when the payment plan is established.
  3. Any previous payment plan was cleared in timely fashion at least 12 months before current request.
  4. Patron is otherwise in good standing. Patrons with history of nonpayment, seriously delinquent charges such as fines over $50 not paid within five years, more than two previous payment plans, disputed damaged items, or disruptive behavior will not be eligible for a payment plan.

Payment plans follow these guidelines:

  1. Payments large enough to clear fine in one year must be made each month by the date plan established.
  2. No new damaged item charges or late fees can be added to the plan. The creation of additional charges cancels the payment plan and the total owed is due before the card can be restored.
  3. While covered by a payment plan, patron may use library computers and electronic resources; renew items charged to his or her card with same limits as other patrons; and check out up to five items with reduced privilege limits.
  4. Once payment plan is ended, patron’s record status is updated and may check out with standard limits and privileges.
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