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Use a Library Computer

Come to the library circulation desk with your library card or current ID.  If your account is in good standing, we will issue you the first available computer under the following policy.  Our computers have the Microsoft Office Suite and connect to the internet.




It is the goal of the Buchanan County Public Library to meet the intellectual, practical, leisure and other library needs of the citizens of Buchanan County.  In keeping with this goal, the Buchanan County Public Library provides internet access to library patrons.

The Buchanan County Public Library does not control the information available on the internet and cannot be held responsible for its content.  While the staff will assist patrons in accessing the internet, and will provide pointers to resources which have been judged reliable, users are encouraged to be critical consumers and to evaluate information carefully.

Notice to Patrons

The possession and distribution of obscene materials (see Code of Virginia, Section 18.2-374 et seq.) and child pornography (see Code of Virginia, Section 18.2-374 et seq.) are both illegal in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  The Buchanan County Public Library also prohibits library terminals from being used to access materials deemed harmful to minors (see Code of Virginia, Section 18.2-390 et seq.).  All Library patrons are hereby notified that no library terminal shall be used to access such illegal or prohibited materials.

In compliance with Code of Virginia, Section 42.2-36.1, the Buchanan County Public Library filters all computers with access to the internet.

Patron Responsibilities

By signing in to use the internet at the Buchanan County Public Library, the patron agrees to abide by the terms of this policy.  If these terms are not obeyed, then the patron may lose his or her internet privileges.  If a patron has excessive library fines, then his or her privileges may be suspended until all fines are paid.

Access and Use

  • To use the internet at the Buchanan County Public Library, a patron must provide proper identification and sign in at the circulation desk.
  • Any person over age 8 may sign in to use the internet.
  • Children under age 8 may not use library computers unless under the direct supervision of a parent, guardian, teacher, or adult child care provider who has signed up.
  • Sessions are limited to one 30-minute block per day.  A patron may be issued a second block if no one is waiting for internet access.
  • Patrons may print electronic files or copy them.
  • There is a charge of 20 cents per page for 8.5 x 11 in. sheets.  Additional charges may apply for other sizes, types, or settings.

Rights of Patrons

The library staff will treat the contents of electronic files as private and confidential.  Any inspection of electronic files and any action based upon such inspection will be governed by applicable Federal and Virginia laws, as well as the Buchanan County Public Library policies.

Unauthorized Use

Unauthorized use of the Buchanan County Public Library internet computer(s) may result in loss of internet privileges.  the following are prohibited:

  • Using BCPL computer(s) as a staging ground to hack other BCPL computers or other systems via the internet.
  • Using any BCPL computer for illegal or criminal purposes.
  • Attempting to crash computer or network systems by removing system files, introducing computer viruses, or modifying any files ore settings.
  • Changing BIOS, computer, or operating systems settings in any way that affects system operability or causes the system to become unusable or unstable.
  • Reading or attempting to read another person’s electronic mail or other personal or protected files.
  • Installing personal software on BCPL computers.
  • E-mail: Modifying system e-mail settings to allow for the sending and receiving of computer based e-mail.  Web based e-mail is allowed.

Any person making unauthorized use of computers in violation of laws including, but not limited to, the Privacy Protection Act of 1974, the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986, the Computer Virus Eradication Act of 1989, Interstate Transportation of Stolen Property, the Virginia Computer Crimes Act, and the Electronic Communication Privacy Act may be prosecuted.

Wireless access on a patron’s own device is subject to an additional Wireless policy.

Adopted by Buchanan County Public Library Board – August 15, 2000

Updated by Buchanan County Public Library Board – December 19, 2005; May 14, 2007; November 16, 2009; October 18, 2010; Feb 27, 2012; Reviewed January 12, 2015.

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