Buchanan County Public Library

Weeding and Inventory Control

Goal:  To gather and maintain a well balanced, useful, and attractive library collection with attention to circulating and non-circulating material of all formats and access levels.


  1. Survey all areas of the collection within a 5-year period.
  2. Weed poorly utilized, unattractive, unusable, and out of date materials.
  3. Purchase materials to balance the collection.
  4. Update electronic records and perform inventory control tasks.

The schedule for Non Fiction goes as follows:

  • Every year in August:  Reference
  • Every year in October:  Magazines & Periodicals
  • Every year:
    1. Non Fiction 100’s-Computers
    2. Non Fiction 300’s-Current Events
    3. Non Fiction 600’s-Medical
  • Every 2 years:
    1. Non Fiction 500’s-Science
    2. Non Fiction 930’s—Travel
    3. Audio Books
    4. Music
  • Every 3 years:
    1. Non Fiction 900’s—History
    2. Genealogy
  • Every 4 years:
    1. Non Fiction 400’s—Language
    2. Non Fiction 700’s-Art
    3. Software
  • Every 5 years
    1. Non Fiction 200’s—Religion
    2. Non Fiction 800’s—Literature
    3. Video/DVD

The Schedule For Fiction goes as follows:

  • Every year in March & September:  Paperbacks
  • Every year:
    1. Large Print
    2. Short Stories
    3. YP
  • Every 2 years:
    1. A-E
    2. F-J
    3. J A-M
  • Every 3 years:
    1. K-O
    2. J N-Z
  • Every 4 years:
    1. P-T
    2. E A-M
  • Every 5 years:
    1. U-Z
    2. E N-Z

If time or space become an issue, additional weeding may be done at times other than those listed.


  • Hours

    Mon: 1pm-8pm
    Tues-Wed: 8:30am-5pm
    Thu: 8:30am-8pm
    Fri-Sat: 8:30am-5pm
    Sun: Closed

  • Get in touch


    Fax: 276-935-6292

    Email: sherry@bcplnet.org

  • Find us

    1185 Poe Town Street
    Grundy, VA 24614

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